Git tuto init and push

Hi all, these last months I have to Git , so I put you a line a little procedure that can help you when you have already installed git . This will help you start a branch git on your… Continue Reading →

[Symfony2] – SQL Query Types and results

H3ll0 I hope you not struggled too (like me) on your super important mega projects, well today we will see the different types of queries that we can use with symfony : return array return object void

Force download file in JS

Today we will discover how to force the download of a file without using PHP or other server language. Since HTML5 attribute “download” allows an item “a” to specify that the link must be downloaded rather than being open in… Continue Reading →

[B2C][JS] Detect pointerEvent mouse or touch

Function to switch to “mouse ” mode on screen or ” touch” mobile.

[B2C][Twig][Symfony2] – forced Translation

Hey, check a small snippet of code to help you to force the language when using Translation with Symfony2 English : French :

[rachet] WebSocket – install + hello world

H3ll0, we will work with a webSocket server PHP : Rachet . 1°) Download Composer 2°) Install composer 3°) Create a “src/” and “composer.json” file folder in your project. we will hold it all in the MyApp namespace. Your file… Continue Reading →

Symfony2 – Class “….” is not a valid entity or mapped super class

hi, If you end up with the error : [Doctrine\ORM\Mapping\MappingException] Class “Y3\MonprojetBundle\Entity\Documents” is not a valid entity or mapped super class. for yml configuration, check your “app/config/config.yml” file in the “doctrine orm : entity_managers : mappings” and make sure your… Continue Reading →

Symfony2 – update an entity

h3ll0, we will see how to modify an existing entity exisitante. When you create an entity yml a config file is generated in the config folder in your bundle: y3/MonprojetBundle/resources/config/doctrine you will find a file “orm.yml ” corresponding to the… Continue Reading →

Symfony – Creating entity

We will now create an entity. Later from this entity We will create a linked SQL table . Suppose you have created an application that displays users. You already know you need a user object (or users) representing them. Use… Continue Reading →

Wikipédia – create an article

H3ll0 we will see how to create a new Wikipedia article and publishing, we will also see how the deployed a new language, because yes I found it was not clear, so I make a tutorial a bit clearer: –… Continue Reading →

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